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How Technology Keeps You Safe And Secure Online?

In today’s digital age, it’s more important than ever to keep your personal information safe and secure. With so much of our lives taking place online, it’s no surprise that there are more opportunities for identity theft and other cyber crimes. But how can you protect yourself? By staying up-to-date on the latest security features and best practices, that’s how. Here’s a look at how technology keeps you safe and secure online by tech entrepreneur Dylan sidoo.

Two-Factor Authentication
One of the best ways to keep your accounts safe is by using two-factor authentication (2FA). 2FA adds an extra layer of security by requiring you to enter not only your password but also a code that is sent to your phone or email. This makes it much harder for hackers to gain access to your account, even if they have your password.

Dylan sidoo Many popular websites and services offer 2FA, so be sure to take advantage of it whenever possible. All of the applications offer 2FA, so there’s no excuse not to use it. Just remember: never lose or reuse codes, and never write them down where they can be found!

Another great way to keep your data safe is by using encryption. Encryption is a procedure of transforming readable type of data into an unreadable type of format. This will ensure that it is much harder for hackers to access your information if they manage to get their hands on it.

Most modern browsers come with built-in encryption, so there’s no need to worry about setting it up yourself. When you’re shopping online or banking online, look for https:// in the URL bar—this indicates that the site is encrypted. You can also check for a green padlock icon; this means that the encryption is especially strong.

By using two-factor authentication and encryption, you can help keep your personal information safe and secure online. These are just two of the many ways that technology helps to keep you safe; for more tips, be sure to check out our blog or give us a call. We’re always happy to help!


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